What they're saying

Stuck on the fence on whether you'd like Strife Sisters? Let's hear what some people in the PC Engine community have to say about it!

"This game is much better than Hatris" - Tw3ek

"Loving the game. I really dig the formation and unit special abilities. It really makes it interesting to create the "best" 3x3 grid. Chefs kiss for the music, it doesn't grind or get irritating." - Majors

"Overall your game was pretty fun" - Rich

"Glad to see someone finally using MML besides me" - Arkhan

Let's not only hear what fans of PC Engine games have to say. Let's see what the comments on YouTube have to say. Is there anyone more deserving?

"This game looks boring" - Random guy on youtube

"Looks fun, I may have to check it out." - Very intelligent commentator

"I would so buy this if it were a different genre." - Another rando

"Definitely my type of game. Hope it gets ported somewhere" - Guy without a PC Engine

"Ugly game it looks like nothing more than a reallly colorful nes game" - guy with nothing nice to say but still say stuff

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